ProGlide Gillette Fusion

ProGlide Gillette Fusion


ProGlide Gillette Fusion Video


  • Re-engineered Low Cutting Force blades with thinner edges
  • Fusion’s advanced low-resistance blade coating
  • Improved blade suspension system
  • 25% larger Lubrastrip™
  • Streamlined Comfort Guard
  • Innovative microcomb, exclusively on ProGlide Power

Available in Power and Manual, the shower-safe ProGlide Power also delivers soothing micro-pulses while its on-board microchip provides consistent power shave after-shave.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide delivers its closest, most comfortable shave.*

Cindy Williams


Hello everyone, Many time as a nurse assistant, I come across someone that needs their hair removed. Usually, because of a pending operation. Also, for whatever reason, some folks, and many peoples that I know, just want their hair removed... all of them! I must admit that the pain they must endure to get this done is way beyond my pain threshold. Because of this, I wanted to do something about it, hence this website. I truly hope you enjoy browsing through my pages and post, that are dealing with the many different methods of effective hair removal, and hair treatments in general. Enjoy, Cindy

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