Permanent Laser Hair Removal

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Permanent Laser Hair Removal, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, Works Pretty Well And Permanent, Eventually!

Hair on body is natural, but at times and on some peoples, too much hair become an hindrance in your beauty and affects your self esteem. People find different ways to get rid of unwanted hair like shaving, waxing and bleach but none of them are permanent solutions. Temporary hair removal methods can be painful, costly and last for short span of time. Therefore most people, especially women, want to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently.

One of the most popular and effective method of permanent hair removal is through laser treatment. In this treatment light energy is used to remove hair from its root. This treatment is becoming very popular amongst people because of its different advantages as compared to other hair removal procedures. Most dermatologists suggest this method, as it gives the best permanent result.

Areas Where It Works

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This kind of permanent laser hair removal treatment can be performed in different areas like:  face, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and full back. It usually works better on dark hair.

Laser works effectively on dark hair because it uses pulsed light to target and destroys the dark pigment (melanin) in hair. Hair falls out within 2 weeks after the treatment.  It is usually required to have 4 to 6 sessions to see a major reduction in hair growth. You can get best results if you get a yearly maintenance treatments for at least two years. The actual result of the laser treatment varies from person to person because of the skin and hair type.

The Bad, You Need An Expert

It is a very safe method if it is done by an expert and authentic dermatologist. The effect lasts for a long period and it can even lead to permanent hair removal.  If and when the hair grows back it will usually  be lighter in color and much thinner in texture. It is mostly a pain free procedure; many people that have sensitive skin, prefer this treatment as they want to avoid any pain when hair removal procedure is required.

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On the other hand, there are some methods that are painful or can cause skin itching, redness and irritation. Another advantage of the laser treatment is its quick results. People go for this method because of its efficiency and speed. It is also an inexpensive treatment for permanent hair removal when considering all other options.

You will find other hair removal treatments, but the benefits of laser are in a large number;  it also depends on the doctor/operator. So you need to search for a good and reliable dermatologist who can give you a good and painless treatment. Failure to do so could be devastating.

Check out this video “My First Laser Hair Removal Treatment”

At the end of the day and as you can see, you can rely on this treatment.   Many agree that it’s the best choice for permanent laser hair removal.

The Ugly, Can Be Costly!

That really is the only bad thing I can think of…except that some people should not attempt laser hair removal.  Light hair and dark skin people should be tested first.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Video

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Video
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Hello everyone, Many time as a nurse assistant, I come across someone that needs their hair removed. Usually, because of a pending operation. Also, for whatever reason, some folks, and many peoples that I know, just want their hair removed... all of them! I must admit that the pain they must endure to get this done is way beyond my pain threshold. Because of this, I wanted to do something about it, hence this website. I truly hope you enjoy browsing through my pages and post, that are dealing with the many different methods of effective hair removal, and hair treatments in general. Enjoy, Cindy

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