Laser Hair Removal Treatment, What Are The Risk

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment What Is It?

Laser hair removal is a procedure through which the unwanted hair on body surface can be removed. In this procedure an intense and pulsating light beam called Laser is used. In this procedure of laser hair removal treatment, a laser beam is

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passed through the skin to a single hair follicle, which creates intense heat and damages that hair follicle. Once this follicle is damaged, future growth of hair from that hair follicle gets inhibited.It has been witnessed that laser hair treatment works best for those people who have dark hair and light skin. It should be noted here that no one can guarantee about the permanency of hair removal after going through the Laser hair removal treatment. However, it can be said that it does slow the hair growth to a large extent.Several hair removal treatments through the laser hair removal procedure may be needed for providing extended hair free period. Moreover, to get hair free area, you may need maintenance treatments. Another hair removal procedure available is IPL hair removal. You can undergo this treatment in a beauty salon that offers both these laser hair removal treatments and IPL hair removal.

Please remember that there is still no permanent hair removal treatment available as of now. Whether you are undergoing laser hair treatment or IPL hair removal treatment, none of them are permanent solutions.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Why Is It Done?

The main purpose of doing laser hair treatment is to remove the unwanted hairs from almost any part of our body. The most common areas where this treatment is done are armpits, chin, legs, bikini line and upper lip.

 Laser Hair Removal Treatment, What Are The Risk

The success rate of laser hair removal treatment depends heavily on the skin color as well as hair color of the concerned person. In fact, this treat works best for those people who have dark hair color and light skin color because the laser beam used in the laser hair removal treatment targets the color controlling pigment called Melanin. It has also been witnessed that laser hair removal treatment does not work so effectively with gray, white or blond hair color. However, research is going on to make the laser hair removal treatment more effective for those people who have light hair color.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Are There Any Risk?

There are no such risks associated with the laser hair removal treatment. However, some common side effects are surely there. The side effects associated with this treatment procedure can be divided into two categories:

  • Irritation of skin after the laser hair removal treatment is done, skin irritation problems can be experienced. However, this is temporary in nature. Scabbing and crusting are also possible.
  • Change in pigment.   A temporary lightening or darkening of the affected skin can be witnessed. This phenomenon is usually witnessed in those people who have darker skin. It is most normally seen in those cases where the laser is used having an incorrect setting.
  • Others – Change in skin texture, blistering and scarring can be seen in rare cases after laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Important Tips

Here are some important laser hair removal treatment tips for you:

  • Try to stay away from the sun as much as possible because exposure to sun will lead to tanning of your skin. As we know that dark skin color is not favorable for undergoing laser hair removal treatment, tanning of skin should be avoided. Thus, don’t use any tanning product and also stay away from sun.
  • If you are going for laser hair removal treatment, then it is better to avoid other hair removal methods like electrolysis, waxing and plucking because the hair follicle in which the laser is supposed to be passed may get disturbed.

There are many clinics and even high end beauty salon that offer cheap laser hair removal procedure. However, please research well before opting for one. You can now go for laser hair removal treatment and doing away with the unwanted hairs of your body.

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