Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

 Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Really Now, Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

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Whether we like it or not, hair just keeps on growing and there are many that will want this process to stop on various parts of the body. We have some methods that are labeled as permanent when considering hair removal methods, but there are many reports that state that the same procedures do not actually offer permanent results. There will be no doctor out there that will guarantee that hair will not grow back. There are different things that we really need to be aware of.  So you understand, the hair has a growth cycle of 3 stages.

The first stage is the active growing one and is called anagen. We have to understand that anywhere between 10 and 90 percent of hairs are constantly growing, based on location.

Phase number two is called catagen and it is basically a transitional phase.

The third phase is named telogen and it is the longest of all. It will last until the hair is going to be shed and then the cycle will start again.

 Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

The human body features thousands of follicles. Most of them are dormant but this does not mean that they are not active. Even if one follicle is not producing hair, there is no guarantee that it will not do so in the future. The main catalysts that trigger hair growth are hormones. Some people will want the hair to grow while others will want to remove it. The problem is that it is really hard and nearly impossible to control the follicles.

The biggest problem with permanent hair removal methods like laser treatment or electrolysis is the fact that they are attacking follicles that are active. Their hair production will be stopped but this does not mean that hair will not start growing without any warning from a follicle that is located near the one that was destroyed. That is why so many people might still end up with hair growth even after going through permanent hair removal.

If we look at what the FDA is saying we will quickly notice that the definition of permanent hair removal is actually a reduction in hair numbers that are regrowing after going through one treatment regime. In addition, some of the follicles will be able to regenerate and will start growing hair again. When dealing with laser treatment, the percentage of reactivated follicles after some time is anywhere between 20 and 80 percent while with electrolysis it is 10 to 50 percent.

We can conclude everything by saying that hair will keep on growing and it cannot actually be stopped. We can delay the process and eliminate a large part of the hair on one region but it is really hard to reach a permanent solution. As already mentioned, even if the follicles are destroyed, there are so many on the human body that it is impossible to kill all of them. In addition, when going through some permanent hair removal procedures we might be faced with side effects that will not be really easy to handle.

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