How To Remove Facial Hair

 How To Remove Facial Hair

How To Remove Facial Hair You Asked…

Is There Any Home Remedy For Removal Of Facial Hair?

I have quite a bit of hair above my lips. Is there any method to remove it myself? I mean I do not want to visit parlor periodically for this. Is there any remedy?


VISHWAPREMI Answered:  Only electrolysis is the answer and nothing else helps.

Ashiqur Replied:  Why are you not using an electric or manual razor?

Amlu said:  you can use a cream which will be painless but temporary and safe. Please do not go for electrolysis it is painful. If u need a permanent solution just go for laser treatment which is done by expert and 100% painless. But for time being go for hair removal cream.

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How To Remove Facial Hair From Home

Pooja Singh comment:  My grandmother used to say that gram flour (besan ) is very good for removing facial hair. Take some besan and mix half a teaspoon of mustard oil and some jau flour and mix them together. Apply daily on you face like a scrub I am sure it will help you.

Nikkayy writes:  you could just thread it yourself if you are not minding the pain..:)

Michella Says:  Shaving, cream and wax don’t do it for me.  I have chosen the home laser treatment for the removal of facial hair.  To me it seems that I don’t do it as often and it tends to last a lot longer.  I tried different types but I ended up buying NONO hair

Bryinia’s Answer:  I hate pain and after checking out the price of a professional laser removal, ouch… So I broke down and bought myself an SensEpil (spelling does not look right) but you know what I mean.  I use it about once a month now and it seems to do the trick.  When the hairs come back they are not as coarse as before.  Maybe it’s me but at the end of the day it does what it supposed to do, with no MESS…Good luck

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Hello everyone, Many time as a nurse assistant, I come across someone that needs their hair removed. Usually, because of a pending operation. Also, for whatever reason, some folks, and many peoples that I know, just want their hair removed... all of them! I must admit that the pain they must endure to get this done is way beyond my pain threshold. Because of this, I wanted to do something about it, hence this website. I truly hope you enjoy browsing through my pages and post, that are dealing with the many different methods of effective hair removal, and hair treatments in general. Enjoy, Cindy

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