Eyebrow Threading

 Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading Tutorial

Eyebrow Threading Tutorial Video Using The Helix Eyebrow Threading System

If you are still waxing your brows or paying to have someone wax your eyebrows… why? Why pay someone to tug and pull on the skin around your eyes? Waxing will make your eyelids sag and wrinkle sooner than later. And, no one wants sagging eyelids! Plus, waxing is expensive and in today’s economy why not thread your own eyebrows! You can even thread your upper lip, baby hair around the hair line and the sides of your face. My tutorial will show you how I thread my eyebrows using the Helix Thread Ease Hair Removal System and 100% Cotton thread.

Threading can be complicated for some. Especially, if you suffer from dexterity issues or arthritis, you will find this tool very easy to use and it will provide the results that you want and love! Purchase the Helix Thread Ease Hair Removal System below.  Follow me on twitter  or on my Facebook page  This tutorial and it’s review are my honest opinion, findings, beliefs, or experiences on this topic or product. The views and opinions expressed on this channel are purely my own. icon wink Eyebrow Threading

All About Eyebrow Threading | The HELIX Hair Removal System

Why Wax? Why Tweeze? Helix Threadease, Home Hair Remover & Threading Tool. Remove Unwanted Hair From Your Face and Body Quickly and Easily! This video shows you how!

This Video Is All About Eyebrow Threading With the Helix Hair Removal System

Threading is an ancient technique that is believed to have originated in the Middle East and South Asia. It uses a single thread to grasp and pulls out stray hairs; it’s actually super precise. It is also more effective, more gentle than waxing and tweezing. Plus, the only “products” involved in the process are thread and aloe (to soothe threaded spots), making it a very natural treatment. Discover more about eyebrow threading video right below…

Learn to thread easily using the Helix ThreadEase System. This innovative threading tool, allows salons and consumers to thread hair without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • We “Love” Our Customers! Try our 100% Money Back Hair Removal Guarantee!!! Why Wax? Why Tweeze?
  • New Hair Threading Tool. Removes Unwanted Hair Quickly & Easily! Excellent for home or salon use. Great for face & body hair. Many spas/salons use our products.
  • Comes with 2 Threading Tools, a Spool of Thread, and a Nice Carry Case. Tool Color is Red.

Get it Here

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 Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow Threading

Want to do it the old fashion way, check these videos below…

How To Thread Video 1

Threading may sound like a new hair removal technique to you, but Iranians have been threading since those early days when the Persian Empire ruled.

How To Thread Video 2

In this video I’ll teach you how to thread your facial hair off, and give some tips from experience! Za-zing! Enjoy!

How To Thread Video 3

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. Now, you can learn how to remove hair faster than tweezing and less painful than waxing. It just takes a bit of practice.
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