Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Do They Actually Work?

Laser hair removal is a popular option for many people, and now that it is possible to safely carry it out at home using a home laser hair removal unit it is also far less expensive than it was previously. If you have the right sort of hair and skin, it can provide excellent results, and while it isnt technically permanent, you can get around an 80% reduction in regrowth. Magic? No, science! So, how does using lasers to diminish hair growth work?

How Laser Hair Removal Destroys Hair

Laser hair removal uses highly targeted electrical light, which is absorbed and transferred by the melanin. The follicle is the root within the pore which hair grows from. Melanin is the pigment which gives your hair its colour. The process is designed to attack only the hair and its follicle, and not to cause any harm to the surrounding tissue.Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Why is Laser Hair Removal Only suitable for Some Skin and Hair Types?

Because the laser targets the melanin, if your hair has no pigment (white hair) or very little pigment (blonde hair) there is nothing there for the laser to attack, and your hair will withstand the laser without taking much damage. Equally, if there is a lot of melanin in your skin, either because you are dark skinned or because you have a dark tan, the laser light can work too much on the skin surrounding the hair, causing it to discolour and burn. For this reason, the best candidates for laser hair removal are people with pale to light brown skin, and the darker and coarser the hair the better.

Often this means that while some blonde people may not find laser hair removal effective on areas like the arms and legs, it can still work well on areas like the underarms or bikini line, where the hair tends to be darker and thicker. Some candidates may find they need a lot more treatments to get results from laser hair removal.

Can Laser Hair Removal be Used Anywhere?

Yes, laser hair removal can be used safely anywhere on the body, including the face and bikini area. The only place it cannot be used is close to the eyes. As it is most effective on coarser, darker hair it can be a great choice for men as well as women, if they want to reduce the hair on their chests, shoulders or backs.

Are There Any Risks?

As long as you make sure you make sure your skin and hair type is suitable for laser hair removal and you stick to the safety instructions you should be safe. It is also very important to bear in mind that the treatment is not suitable for all skin types. People with very dark skin have a high concentration of melanin in their skin; therefore laser treatment would result in burning and blistering. Lasers, such as the TRIA Laser have an inbuilt safety feature that tests the suitability of your skin. If the skin sensor does not find your skin to be suitable it blocks the device from working. Nevertheless it is still important to adhere to all the safety and usage instructions thoroughly in order to avoid any of the risks, if you are using a home laser hair removal device.

TRIA Beauty offers various light based skincare products, one of them is the TRIA Laser for permanent hair removal results. If you take a look at their website you can find out more about laser hair removal cost and prices.

Ever wondered about IPL or Intense Pulse Light?

Check out this video and discover the ins and out of Intense Pulse Light Device or IPL

This is a video about a type of laser hair removal, called Intense Pulse Light Therapy. I hope this answers any questions you may have. If you have any other questions let me know in the comment section below and i would be happy to answer it.

Waxing Vs IPL Video

Waxing Vs IPL Video
This is the third video I am doing about hair removal. This is an informative video about which type of hair removal I would recommend and why. I have done both waxing and IPL personally.  Thanks for watching!

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